Very New! How to Update Text Component


I'm just beginning to learn Photon and would like some help on a basic issue I'm facing. I have little to no experience in Photon so wondering if you could help me out with the following:

  • I have a text component updating from player input like a chat system. This of course only updates on one client. How do I send an update to the server to update this on all clients?
  • I'm very new and don't understand the whole networking transmission of data. Is there a good tutorial series that breaks it all down? I feel understanding how things are updated over the network would help with future issues like this

All help is welcomed! Cheers,


  • Murky
    edited November 21

    HI! There're many tutorials when you import photon in your project. There's one related to photon chat that you can check. Hope this can help you!