Get local microphone data from PhotonVoice.

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How do I get data from the microphone (audio clip)?

We use PhotonVoice and device Oculus Quest 2 .

By default, Photon Voice Recorder will override the microphone input.

Therefore, we use AudioOutCapture and get the AudioSource component. In the AudioSource component, the clip is assigned as a microphone, but another user receives sound from the AudioListner.


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    Hi @asotnikova,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Not sure what you are doing exactly (which you tried to explain) but maybe my answer here can help you get the data from Photon Voice's Recorder?

    Also maybe this is useful if you use OVR or check the FAQs here?

    Or maybe try to explain what is exactly do you need and why / what for?