Photon Server support: how to submit bug reports.

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"I have a bug, please help me!"

Your Photon setup does not work as expected? No problem at all! We are happy to help. To get your answers as quick as possible, please supply the following info:

From the folder where you start Photon, eg. /deploy/bin_Win64:
  • PhotonServer.config
  • version.txt

From Photon's log folder, like /deploy/bin_Win64/log:
  • ALL Photon-... log files since Photon was last started, up until the time of the problem. (You recognize a Photon start by a line like this: "... - Service: "Photon Socket Server" starting").
  • PhotonCLR.log

From the applications' log folder, like /deploy/log:
  • all log files (since the last Photon start)

From the client side, if it is not a pure server-side issue:
  • All available log files (please check the client SDK's documentation for log file names and locations)

If Photon crashed: please save any *.dmp files from your /bin_XXX/log directory (we'll let you know if we need dumps, just make sure that you have them available.)

How to submit the files:
  • attach the files to your post
  • or: upload them to the web and provide a link
  • or: send them to (please refer to the forum topic in your mail)

If you provide all info right away with your original post, we'll be able to help you as quick as possible.