Feature Request - Offline multiplayer

edited October 2021 in Fusion


I have really been enjoying using Fusion and one of the things that initially sold me was the fact that it can run in many types of networking setups. Unfortunately the one that seems to be missing is Local, offline multiplayer.

I am wondering if this is something that could be added? I realize there are probably some licensing issues since it wouldn't be possible to track CCUs, so possibly this is part of the reason it is not possible?

The motivation:

I do contract work often doing networking for multi-user, co-located VR installations and experiences built with Unity. I work on projects shown at film festivals like Sundance and Tribeca. Many of these projects have aspirations to launch to a large audience down the road through Steam or other platforms.

Building networking code once and having it be able to work across many different scenarios is really appealing. However often times when these games/experiences are first shown , the internet is unreliable and sometimes non-existent.

So I struggle each time to make a recommendation to my clients as to what the best networking library is to use. Because on the one hand, I want them to have a successful exhibition, but on the other hand, I want the code I build to be useful for the larger vision of the project, especially when networking often represents a significant chunk of the project budget from the outset.

Anyway, just wondering if this is something others have interest in, and if it would be possible to add to the library. I realize this is a pretty niche use case and probably not much of a boon for Photon, or most developers here, but it sure would make my life easier :) Or if this is not possible, what the reasoning is (technical limitation, TOS violation, etc...)