Possible Bug? (Getting the First Tick)

Trying to determine in FUN() when the first Tick occurs, so I have something like this:

$"Is First Tick? {Runner.IsFirstTick}";

However, I'm getting the opposite of what I expected. Looking at the IL, something seems fishy about this call:

private void RunClientSidePredictionLoop(int ticks, SimulationStages stage)
  this.InvokeOnBeforeAllTicks(true, ticks);
  for (int index = 0; index < ticks; ++index)
    this.StepSimulation(stage, index == 0, index + 1 == ticks, false);
  this.InvokeOnAfterAllTicks(true, ticks);

private void StepSimulation(
  SimulationStages stage,
  bool lastTick,
  bool firstTick,
  bool freeInput)

I think you've got the first/last tick arguments swapped when you call StepSimulation in RunClientSidePredictionLoop