Trying to connect with a self-hosted server and got my client forced to cancel its connection


Hi, when I try to connect a client in different machine, but on the same network, I receive the message of error: 10054 SocketErrorCode ConnectionReset Message I was forced to cancel an existing connection by the remote host"

On the MSMaster.log I can the that the client is connected to the server than it is disconnected. Anynone knows if it is something regarding router configs



  • [Deleted User]

    Hi, this is most likely an issue with your Nameserver.json in the deploy folder, one of the addresses for the nodes are potentially incorrect.

    Please make sure you're not using localhost "" for the node IP addresses. Make sure you are using your desktop IP. The one assigned to you from your router. You can find this by typing "ipconfig" into the windows command line.

  • chvetsov

    hi, @PedroLazari

    please be more detailed in your questions

    In self hosted you have 3! servers. all of them can be on different machines. To what server is your client trying to connect and fails?