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Hello. I am a student developing a project using Photon 2.

I've been testing it for a few days and couldn't find a solution, so I posted a question.

What I am curious about is that I would like to do a group activity using Photon Voice.

Teacher A, students B-C-D-E-F-G

A can hear all sounds from B to G, and can also be assigned to a desired group to listen to.

B through G want to hear only the sound of the group they belong to.

What I'm currently testing


I tried to split the group using , but to no avail.

Can anyone explain the solution with an example?



  • JohnTube
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    Hi @privatemxxgxx,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Did you take a look here?

    Your example shows list of single users (A, teacher, B to G students) but does not contain information about groups. Do you have logical groups in your use case? like students B, C, D in group 1 and students E, F, G in group 2? (forget about 'group' in 'interest group').

    How many groups should a student belong to?

    What group can the teacher be assigned to?

    Are there groups shared between teacher and students? (they can listen to or talk to?)

    In any case, just try to answer simple questions:

    1. who should the teacher be able to listen to?
    2. who should the teacher be able to talk to?
    3. who should each student be able to listen to?
    4. who should each student be able to talk to?
  • @JohnTube

    Thanks for your reply.

    There are a total of 7 groups, 1 teacher, 30 students, and a total of 31 students.

    Group A consisted of a teacher, and groups B to G consisted of 5 students each.

    A is 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, E is 5, F is 6, G is 7

    In response to Johntube's question.

    1. The teacher should be able to listen to each group student by participating in the group desired by the teacher.

    2. As in answer 1, the teacher should be able to participate in the desired group and talk to the students in each group.

    This is an example of answers 1-2) Click button 1 to group B, click button 2 to group C, click button 3 to group D

    3. Each student can listen to the students in their own group.

    4. Each student can have a conversation with the students in their group.

  • JohnTube
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    Hi @privatemxxgxx,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    If I understood correctly, each user (student or teacher) can talk and listen to a single group at a time.

    Students cannot switch groups while the teacher can.

    So I think you can make use of the global interest group:

    PhotonVoiceNetwork.Instance.Client.GlobalInterestGroup = targetGroup;

    For students they just set the group they belong to.

    The teacher can switch and set any group at any time.

  • @JohnTube

    Thanks for your reply. I'll try again and if it doesn't work, I'll ask again.