Can photon bolt used in P2P connection (Mesh Type)?

I am new at Unity and Networking System. I have a project that requires creating a Game where the connection must be P2P.

Here are some other details:

  1. The game must accept infinite players (not really infinite but maybe more than 100 or no limit).
  2. When the host server disconnects, the game should still be going.
  3. At least 1 player playing, the game must go on.
  4. The connection must be a mesh type.
  5. All data must be synchronous via a network.
  6. A single player can set as initial server/host but as mentioned the game must go on if he disconnects.

Can Photon BOLT do this job/requirements?


  • No. Bolt does not create a mesh.

  • Is mesh type possible in Photon? If yes, what Photon library should I use?

    I am inclining to do what they call "Host Migration", where when the host disconnects the host job must be transferred to another client in the network. I read something about this but I am not sure if this is the best workaround for my problem. Is it?

    Another question is, do we have a Unity networking tool like Photon which can do this?

  • None of the Photon libs supports a mesh topology for the connections.

    Fusion will support Host Migration (probably built in). No mesh needed for that.

    I don't know which other solutions you could use, sorry.