Event System doesn't work when returning to the Lobby & input device stops working when changed

Hi I have separate questions regarding Photon

  1. I currently have a Lobby scene and three stages. My lobby scene is using the "EventSystemSpawner.cs". When I leave the scene to enter one of my rooms and return to lobby, it seems like the Event System doesn't work. In the editor, I need to press "Esc" to see the cursor and if I right click, it disappears. In the build I can't see the cursor at all. Does any one know what might cause this? I tried using the "GameManager.cs" from the example package but that doesn't work too.
  2. If you change the input device, the microphone doesn't work. For example, if you have a pair of headphones plugged in but unplug them, the mic will stop working and I would need to restart the app to get it back. Is there any way to fix that?


    1. The EventSystemSpawner is meant to create just one event system. I don't happen to know if it was built to accomodate returning to a scene. Make sure the GO with the event system is only created once.
    2. sounds as if you use Photon Voice. In best case, you update your Voice 2 version to the latest, test and post this question in the Voice related subforum. Let us know which platform the issue happens on.

  • Hi Tobias,

    Thank you for getting back to me. The GameObject with the Event System is only created once. Do you know what the best way to handle leaving and entering a different room would be?

    I am currently using this to exit the room, which sends me back to the lobby, but I can't do anything after that.

    public class ExitRoom : MonoBehaviourPunCallbacks


    public override void OnLeftRoom()


    SceneManager.LoadScene("Scene Selection");




    #region Public Methods

    public void LeaveRoom()




    public void QuitApplication()







    Also, I'll check in the other forum for the voice question. Thanks!

  • I can't debug the project for you, sorry. There is no enough context to tell what is going wrong.

    As usual with debugging: Comment out code that may be related. Don't load another scene, e.g. Check if the OnConnectedToMaster callback is being called as expected. Only after that was called, you can join another room.