Access a public class object within the CustomTypes class

I'm currently trying to serialize and deserialize a custom object to send using RaiseEvent within my unity game. I think my code would work if I could get it to compile. I've saved my object in another class, so to reference I would do Patch.PlayerCard, however I cannot do this within the CustomTypes Class and get the compiler error

The type or namespace name 'Patch' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [PhotonUnityNetworking]

How can I access another class from within CustomTypes?



  • You can write your own class for your custom types and register that. It doesn't have to be in CustomTypes, which seems to make your life more complicated.

    If you wanted to reference the class in CustomTypes, you'd have to edit the AssemblyDefinition of Realtime to reference your code (and