Room creation

I'm trying to create two multiplayer modes for my game, a 1v1 mode and a Battle royale mode for example 5 players enter the room and the last one who stays wins the match, in both modes after the end all players leave the match.

The rooms must be created as the players select the modes, when clicking on 1x1 mode it joins a room or creates one and waits for someone to connect. The same serves for battle royale but in battle royale connected players wait for 5 players in the room to start.

Do rooms still exist after the game ends?

How does PUN manage players and rooms after exceeding the CCU number?

For example with 20 CCU there are already two battle royale rooms with 5 players each and 5 rooms with two players playing 1v1, and a twenty-first player tries to enter any of the modes what happens?