PhotonTransformView one-way synchronization

Hello. My turn-based game has 3 client-controlled characters (one of them is Host) and endTurn script running on Host. Problem is, game logic is very depended on accuracy. I've tried to use PhotonTransformView to synchronize characters position, but it averages values between clients, it seems, so I can't use it as is. What should I do? Synchronize using stream? If so, I'd like to see example. Or can I somehow make a PhotonTransformView to synchronize it like in one direction (from Host to Clients) - I don't care about lags or some inconsistency as long as they all goes in exactly same chosed position.


  • Ok, I came up with idea of how to synchronize it using stream:

    But I still want to know if there is better way to do so in my case.

  • Miha4406
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    OK, I figured it out for now.

  • Tobias
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    Please feel free to post the solution and accept your own post as answer.