Suddenly, can't join room with NAT punchthrough

Hello, I have the following problem, my game is working normally for 3 months now with Photon Bolt, suddenly yesterday (22-Sep) our client can't join the room with NAT setup . We have checked all related issues such as:

- Whether the payment account is interrupted or not, the result: no problem, still paying well.

- Does our server system block the connection, is it working properly?, result: all works fine, does not block any information related to Photon's ports.

- Our client hasn't changed in the last 3 months, because it always works fine.

We try to turn off NAT and perform the test, the result: Our client can connect to the room normally, but very laggy, due to having to connect very far to the Photon Cloud.

It is almost impossible for us to determine the cause, since everything is working great, we need the client to be able to function normally as always with NAT functionality.

Hopefully the Photon team can help us with some advice for this case.

Thank you.

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