Bolt outage due to changed STUN servers (2021.09.22)

Tobias admin
edited September 2021 in Photon Bolt

There was an unforeseen change of the STUN service used by Photon Bolt. We have been using sever IP addresses for that service, which have been available for a long time. On 22. September, they got replaced without warning.

This leads to the error "Unable to retrieve Reflexive Info" and the matchmaking / connections to the Host/Server fail.

We are very sorry about this. Bolt games will have to use a fixed SDK, currently available via the links below. We will keep this updated.

Bolt Free

Has been updated in the Asset Store.

Bolt Pro developers should please get in touch with us via mail: [email protected]. We provide the update asap.


  • Hello Tobias,

    Last time, I see the patch to fix this problem. Can you give me the link to download it? We cant use the new version of Bolt, because it take many time to merge our old project?

    Please help me in this case.

    Thank you.