Photon Cloud or Photon Server for China build?

Hi everyone,

My game is about to be published in China and I don't know which Photon's product is needed to be used. Do I need a self-hosted Photon Server within China? Or all I need is just use the Photon Cloud and unlock the Chinese Mainland region? Currently I'm using Photon Cloud. I'm a little bit confused, please help me!

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  • We got a doc paragraph about using the Chinese Mainland region.

    Aside from that, you'd probably have to get in touch via mail, so we can setup everything. Make sure to mail us from the mail you used as Photon account, too. Mail to: [email protected]

  • Thanks for your reply, so it means we just need to unlock Chinese Mainland region for our app and then send an email to you to setup everything?

  • You send the mail for us to unlock the region.

  • yeah, I've already done that and have the Chinese Mainland region unlocked in our app. So is that all we need? And now we just need to contact our publisher in China for the approval, is that true?

  • You should hopefully have gotten all info in the email you sent.

    The main points are

    1. we need to unlock your app for China region
    2. you need to have a separate app (and subscription) for China region to go live
    3. you need approval from Chinese authorities