Load scene from assetbundle in photon unity webl not working


I am loading a scene from assetbundel in photon through photonNetwork.loadlevel()
Its working fine in editor but not working in WebGl build

it give me this error

writeStringToMemory is deprecated and should not be called! Use stringToUTF8() instead!


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    edited September 2021
    This is a "deprecated" message for JS code which Unity writes as export.
    You can ignore this or check with Unity if there is a solution coming up.

    Also, if AssetBundles don't work on a platform, this is again a question for Unity.
  • M_Siddiq
    edited September 2021
    Thanks for your reply

    but I am unable to join or create random room and stuck on this error

    see this image for references

  • I can't make sense of this stacktrace. It looks like an issue in Unity's exported JS.
    You may want to move to another Unity Editor version. Or report a bug to Unity.