problem with mac OSX

i have use : recorder.ReactOnSystemChanges = true; for checking when user change microphone it work fine on android ,pc , ios but it's cause lagging on mac osx , please help me to fix it


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube mod
    edited September 10
    Hi @wromRed,

    What Unity version is this?
    What Photon Voice version is this?

    Do you use Photon microphone type or Unity microphone type?
    Did you enable Recorder.SkipDeviceChangeChecks?

    This could be due to a known issue yes.
    Somehow Unity's OnAudioConfigChange callback that we rely on is triggered multiple times on macOS.
  • hi @JohnTube yes , i have edit function OnAudioConfigChange callback like this theard :
    it's remove lagging but now no audio send from mac , i set microphone type to photon
  • any news , i really need help for this case please
  • Hi @wromRed,

    My colleague @vadim implemented audio device change handling in native plugin for macOS.
    I will prepare a version for you to test asap.
    Expect it this week.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  • wromRed
    edited September 15
    hello @JohnTube so for now it's has issue no audio for photon voice on macOS ? please confirm because I need to report for my user
  • Hi @wromRed,

    Please download and import this version to see if it fixes the lagging in macOS when microphone changes. (preferably clean install, backup first or always use VCS properly)
    Keep Recorder.ReactToSystemChanges = true.
    Do not make any other modifications.