Unity 2D platformer issue about asynchronous position or jittering visual glitch after jumping

I'm trying to learn multiplayer systems by developing a simple edu project with Unity. I decide to make 2d platformer game like 'Pico Park' game. after several days of research, I couldn't solve the bug which is broke the game after jumping. If any player jumps top of the edge of something, some other clients sees pos of jumped player at above of the tile (correct position) and some clients sees like as if player doesn't jump. (as if on the ground) This stiuation occur completely random, so I didn't find any trigger. Other than that, everything is in sync. Everybody can create and join rooms without problem.

Example of issue: If the players jump on each other, cause they will stay on the left of the player on some clients and on the right of the player on some clients, in wrong position clients look like they are being pushed by the ghost when somebody walks.

Information and my tools:
Unity 2020.3.11f1
Pun 2 Free 2.35
Ping: around 14-30
I'm planning up to 6 players

resources/player.pref has at least these components:
Photon View
Photon Animator View
Photon Transform View Classic

My RigidBody2D:
Dynamic, Interpolate, Continuous Collision Detection, Freeze Rotation Z
theRB.velocity = new Vector2(Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal") * moveSpeed, theRB.velocity.y)
This is how I move the player. My all movement codes in
if (view.IsMine){}

Also tried:
Photon Transform View
Smooth Sync Movement script for photon
Photon RigidBody2D View
Simulating Lag (still same issue with extreme lag)
Trial and error for all rigidbody options