Delay in receiving messages from client to server

We have card base game in which data is transferred in the form message code, as the room increase we are getting delay to receive messages (30sec to 1 min) from client to our dotnet server.


  • hi, @para_goel

    what client sdk are you using? what server sdk?

  • hi @Ilya
    server SDK-> dot net
    client SDK -> javascript SDK
  • @para_goel what version of server SDK 4 or 5RC1?

    @vadim could you chime in?

  • para_goel
    edited September 2021
    hi, @Ilya
    we are using SDK 4
    Delay is coming to receive message from client to server and from server to client working properly
  • How much are you sending (size and frequency)?
  • It is a turnbased game and when user sends a response to server it gets received on Server after some delay.
    As far as the frequency is concerned we are sending 1 to 2 messages per second.
    I am not sure how to calculate the message size is there a method defined on SDK that gives us the size of message.
    I have tried PhotonPeer.getBytesOut() but its not defined in SDK.