Sending data from one object to another through server

This might seem like a silly question, but I can't seem to find an answer online maybe due to my wording or the specifics of what I'm looking for.

Basically I have a procedurally generated map, that map stores all of its information in a 2d array and then sets tiles based on that information, I set it up to be a server object with a photon view and all but I realized after that it still goes through its initial generation (because its in the awake/start function) which now also happens more than once (since it instantiates every time a player enters the game).

So basically how would I go about sending the 2 dimensional array I have between server/client so that I can set that information locally and not have a bunch of maps layered on top of each other.

There's other information I'd like to send but I'm sure I could figure that out once I have this sorted

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