Reconnecting without change scene


I'm integrating photon to a game prototype. The idea is play multiplayer on iOS devices. The point is sometimes the connection is lost. Problems with the broadcast, time out...
I would like to stop the game when that happens and wait for reconnection. Always without change my scene.
I use OnDisconnectedFromPhoton() , to know when the device is disconnected. After I've tried different thing to reconnect but I don't find the correct way. I there is always errors or it doesn't send RPC's. Any idea?

Would be great if someone knows.

Thanks ;)


  • Tobias
    To reconnect, the client that dropped should cache the room name of the previous game. This is needed to join again. The room can't be closed but can be hidden. Then no one else will join.
    A player that joins a room always (!) gets a new ID (actorNumber), even if this client was connected before. By Photon, it will be treated like another, new player.
    So you have to come up with some way to take over the items and units of the "previous self".