Which suits for a racer? PUN or Bolt?

Hi to all,

We are planning an online multiplayer racing game. Two players will compete with each other in traffic. We are using Unity and our targets are mobile phone users.

PUN and Bolt got our attention. We gathered information about them (PUN vs. Bolt from documentation etc.) but we couldn’t get the final decision. Prototyping with both of them seems impractical and would take too much time and effort. Since we don't have the experience on both of them we will be happy to take your (especially from experienced users) opinions.

Our main goal is that players’ connection and performance issues should affect the game experience of the other player at minimum level.

PUN seems to have lots of usage and tutorials, other than that we couldn’t find a specific advantage over Bolt.
Although Bolt is for fast paced games (like shooters); we think it has following advantages:
Most of the time direct connections between peers.(P2P architecture) Does it mean less latency over relayed connection (PUN)?
Built-in dead reckoning.
Supports multiple architectures. Easy switch between architectures if needed.

Any opinion and advice on this topic would be appreciated.