[Pun2] Using Pun and Input System

Hi there, i try to use Photon Pun with the Input System of Unity and it seems not to work. So i had a project already precreated and installed pun and i had Error messages all over the place.

So i created a new, clean project and installed PUN2. No Problems there. But as soon as i also install the INPUT System, Again... Error Messages from PUN. It seems the Input System overvrites some Library Entrys of PUN. At least that is what the console tells me.

Does anyone have this problems?
I tested it on UNITY 2020.1.17f
Maybe thats a problem, too?
I created a PUN Project without the input system before that worked out well but whenenver i try to use the new INPUT System PUN loses code entrys.

As far as i could follow the Error trail, it goes to the EVENTManager of Unity. Both, Input System and PUN2 seem to use similar places there to store code? i am not sure, but i couldn't get both to run so far.


  • ok, found out that correlation here was not causation. This Bug i have occured has more to do with starting a 3D Projekt and some trouble with different assets.
  • Ok, glad this was solved.
    PUN should work with the new input system but the demos don't.
  • yes exactly. the demos did not work but that is ok as long everything else works :)