Construct 3 Connection Failure

Hello, I'm using Asia region, its working very well yesterday, but something wrong today. I've tried nearest region (india) and they work fine. Please have a check, thank you so much!

Client: NameServer: Connecting to Master server wss://
Client: State: ConnectedToNameServer -> ConnectingToMasterserver
Client: Connecting to Master wss://
Client: Master: PhotonPeer[_onConnecting] - Starts connecting wss:// ..., raising "connecting" event
Client: NameServer: onclose: wasClean = true , code= 1005 , reason =
Client: NameServer: PhotonPeer[_onDisconnect] - Socket closed, raising "disconnect" event
Client: NameServer: Disconnected
Client: Master: PhotonPeer[_onError] - Connection error:
Client: State: ConnectingToMasterserver -> Error
Client: Error: 1001 Master peer error
Client: Master: onclose: wasClean = false , code= 1006 , reason =
Client: Master: PhotonPeer[_onTimeout] - Client timed out! Raising "timeout" event
Client: State: Error -> Error
Client: Error: 1004 Master peer error timeout
Client: Master: PhotonPeer[_onDisconnect] - Socket closed, raising "disconnect" event


  • Region : Asia
    Country : Indonesia
    Engine : Construct 3
    Photon Realtime Version : v4.1.1.0

    2 days ago it works well, but suddenly it happen again,

    o Create room > Wait for almost 15 seconds > and then it throws an error of peer timeout.

    another try
    o Create room > Wait for almost 10 seconds > room created.

    usually we just have to wait for 3 seconds and room would be created.

    Testing on other Region (in / india)
    Works well as supposedly, just need to wait for 3 second and room created.

    @Markus @Tobias @vadim please help