Some Photon Fusion Questions

1) I don't See Photon Fusion Anywhere on the Photon Engine Page/Photon Products There is no mention of it?
2) Is Photon Fusion Same like Pun I mean do we have to host it on our own or its self hosted by photon for us?
3) Any Good Video Tutorials on it?
4) Any Pricing Idea? of Photon Fusion
5) Does photon fusion has inbuilt host migration and if not then how can i implement it as its a really important feature without this feature it doesn't matter if a game could handle upto 200 players with 60 hertz as once the host get disconnected all they left is with nothing...

BTW I have read the documentation so don't throw that uncompleted documentation link at me plz...
Please answer all the questions with their Number to Avoid any sort of Confusion
And Thanks In Advance


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