Some Questions in my mind Related to the pricing and payment for Photon Products

1) What if i created two seperate app ids app type photon pun and then put 1 for pun and other one for photon voice will that work
2) If i am using photon chat and pun with 100 ccu then will my total cost for 1 year would be 95*2 = $190 i was thinking after purchasing 1 u could create a bunch of apps of that tier and of any type ie, pun, bolt, fusion, voice and chat without paying for each.
3) If i use photon and bolt do i have to pay for both seperately like again 95*2 = $190?.
4) Can i use photon voice app id in photon pun or photon voice app id in photon voice?

Please answer them with their Number for no Confusion
Thanks In Advance


  • Sorry Forgot To add this one

    5) Do i have to pay specifically for each app?
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    Hi @TesterTesting,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    1) yes
    2) Chat's 100 CCU is 45$. So 100 CCU for PUN + 100 CCU for Chat is 95 + 45 = 140$ (regular price outside Asset Store sales).
    3) yes, using PUN and Bolt means you use each for a separate application/game as it does not make sense to use them in the same game. Technically you can use the same AppId for PUN and Bolt BUT I think our legal terms do not allow using the same AppId in two games/titles/applications.
    4) yes
    5) yes

    In general:

    You can use the same AppId no matter the type if it's Photon Realtime, PUN, Photon Voice or Photon Bolt.
    Photon Quantum and Photon Fusion have server plugins that require AppId of the same type and they are even on separate clouds.
    Photon Chat is a different things as it has different server side architecture.

    For an app that uses PUN/Realtime/Bolt + Voice + Chat the cost for 100 CCU for 12 months is 95$ * 2 + 45$ = 235$.

    If you're just starting now, use Photon Fusion as it's the best new/next thing which combines PUN & Bolt and will replace them. It also works with Voice and Chat.
  • @JohnTube Thanks, Efforts Appreciated, I really liked how Active is the photon engine forum and how to the point and satisfying is your Ans... Well Done!