Can WebGL be setup to receive a Photon Voice?

I am working on a VR app that uses PUN2 to network everyone together along with Voice for users to talk to each other. This is working between users in Windows and on the Quest 2. Now I have a WebGL app that also uses PUN2 to connect in as well and be networked with the other users.

I am aware that Unity and Photon don't support the microphone in WebGL. But I am wondering if there was a way for the WebGL user to at least hear what is spoken between the Windows and Quest users?


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    Hi @dongrout,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    The other blocker for using Photon Voice in WebGL is threading.
    Full story here: WebGL support.

    So, in short, we don't support this but some customers (I can't share more information about this) managed to do what you want but you're on your own: you need to implement the decoding + playback part on the receiving end. Since the code is open you can use most of it and adapt it to WebGL constraints/limitations/requirements.