.Net 5 or 6

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I am getting push back from other third party developers (Entity Framework and HotChocolate) regarding Entity Framework 2.0, which I have to use thanks to Photon not supporting anything higher than .Net Framework/.Net Standard 2.0. When should we expect a release from you guys that works with .Net 5 or 6. Unity3D has confirmed that they will be supporting .Net 6 as soon as it drops or very close to it.

I am also curious if other developers are having similar issues? I have seen multiple discussions with Unity3D on the demand of .Net 5 or 6 support. Is there not that demand for Photon Server? To me this is my highest priority right now. I am extremely limited with my products since Microsoft and other developers don't support .Net Framework.


  • We did not test with .net 5. It is officially not supported yet.
    Use .netframework 4.x.

    Yes, Unity announced support for .Net 6 but also didn't deliver yet. It may get into preview in a while but .. I would not use that in a game / app for release.