.Net 5 or 6

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I am getting push back from other third party developers (Entity Framework and HotChocolate) regarding Entity Framework 2.0, which I have to use thanks to Photon not supporting anything higher than .Net Framework/.Net Standard 2.0. When should we expect a release from you guys that works with .Net 5 or 6. Unity3D has confirmed that they will be supporting .Net 6 as soon as it drops or very close to it.

I am also curious if other developers are having similar issues? I have seen multiple discussions with Unity3D on the demand of .Net 5 or 6 support. Is there not that demand for Photon Server? To me this is my highest priority right now. I am extremely limited with my products since Microsoft and other developers don't support .Net Framework.


  • We did not test with .net 5. It is officially not supported yet.
    Use .netframework 4.x.

    Yes, Unity announced support for .Net 6 but also didn't deliver yet. It may get into preview in a while but .. I would not use that in a game / app for release.
  • Definitely not the only one looking for a newer .NET.

    I wouldn't be surprised if most Unity developers are using the relay-only service, so there are less complaints. It's also hard to gauge interest since a lot of times developers quietly capitulate since waiting for a new release is not feasible. If you are working with server tech, you are probably getting paid to get it done.

    On my last project, I unhappily lowered the plugin library version to .NET 4.8. I'm here again on a new project that requires a shared library, and it looks like nothing has changed. If not for this thread, I would have said nothing.

    Just posting to confirm there is more than one person interested in this.

  • This thread is about the client side.

    On the client side, we provide .Net Standard 2.0 dlls. Are you telling me it's impossible to use those in the .Net version you want to use (in Unity)?

  • I may have misinterpreted the original post which mentions "demand for Photon Server". Sorry if I went off-topic.

    For my situation, I am using the Photon Server Plugin SDK. The limitation appears to be Photon Server's deployment binaries.

    The highest supported .NET version for the Plugin SDK appears to be .NET 4.8. I tried building the plugin with .NET 6.0, but the plugin will not load.


    Server Error:

    2022-07-02 01:39:34,427 [12] DEBUG Photon.Hive.Plugin.PluginManager - Loading assembly 'System.Collections, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=*****' from path 'C:\Users\*****\Desktop\deploy\Plugins\*****Plugin\bin\System.Collections.dll'

    2022-07-02 01:39:34,486 [12] DEBUG Photon.Hive.Plugin.CreateGameCallInfo - Fail: System.IO.FileNotFoundException : Could not load file or assembly 'System.Collections, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.