Is free plan has has a lower performance?

Hi Everyone,
I read the differences between the plans (Product: Real-time- Photon PUBLIC Cloud), and it is quite clear they are different in terms of resources and capacity.
However, someone (from an external forum) mentioned that the Free plan also has lower performance (i.e: ping, connection stability, packet delay variation..etc). Is that true, I did not find anything on the Photon pricing page related to performance so I assumed performance should be the same in all planes.


  • Hi @tnageleweb.

    That is indeed misinformation. There is no performance difference between the Free plan and paid plans.

    Could you post a link to the forum where you found that information, please?
    I would like to post a correction there.
  • @Kaiserludi admin, thanks for making this clear to me. I read it somewhere during my testing and research not really sure, it is also possible a misunderstanding from my side. Thanks again for the clarification.