Myth Matrix is Available Now! (based on Bolt)

I’ve been a huge fan of Hearthstone, and had lots of my own ideas of new mechanisms and new cards. That’s why I want to make my own strategy card battle game. After lots of hardworking (it’s definitely not an easy job for a self-taught indie developer to make online pvp game), finally the first version of Myth Matrix is available now in App Store and Google Play!


On the basis of traditional strategy card battle games, it adds many innovative and fun mechanisms. For example, a board, on which you can summon minions. And traps, which your opponent can’t see where they’re but have to guess the safe places to summon their minions. Or maybe they would trigger the traps intentionally to prevent your minions getting buffs for having those traps.


I have lots of fun ideas of new class, skills, mechanisms and cards. Hearthstone is focusing more on balance side. However, as an indie developer, I have less stress so I could focus more on the fun part, and of course make it as balanced as possible. I’ll keep updating to present all the fun stuff.

Apple App Store:
Google Play:

One thing I have to apologize to new players right now is that this is the early versions and I don’t have the budget to do marketing, so it’s not easy to get matched into a game due to lack of active online players. Please join our Discord so you can invite others for a match or talk to me and discuss about your ideas,

If you enjoy Myth Matrix, please leave a nice review on the store, thank you!