RU zone servers Timeout-disconnect!

Maybe that right place for issue report...

Issue started between 15 hours and 16 hours MSK 23.07.2021

Can someone check health status of RU servers?

Name of our organization Development

We transfer all our RU players to EU zone. But we want know when issue can be fixed


  • hi, @cNoNim

    Unfortunately, the service degradation happens sometimes. it might be related to DDoS attacks of some other physical issues.

    In order to get help in such cases as quick as possible, please write mail to [email protected]
    if you issues is still unresolved please do it right away

  • We wrote to the mail immediately. But we still haven't received an answer.
    Subject: MY.GAMES problems with matchmaking
    To: [email protected]
    Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 12:23:59 +0300
  • hi, @cNoNim
    do you still have issues?

  • Hi, Ilya.

    We have transferred players to EU region. We will transfer back tomorrow.

    We got mail about server fix in RU region.


  • Issue was fixed

    Big thanks!!!