Loading different scenes from one room.


Just started using PUN2. Here is what I have. I Have my first scene which NetworkManager object with two scripts attached. The first script connects to the server and creates or joins a room for two players if one already exists. The second script instantiates the player prefab objects both via the photon.Network and local game instance. My issue arise when i try to photon.Network.loadLevel another scene with the master client. Basically what happens is that neither of the player instances appear in the new scene. What I would like to do is to load a new scene with both of the players from the first scene. I want each player to be able to see each other and interact with objects inside this scene. Ones a specific goal is meet I want this new scene to load another scene which fallows withing the buildindex.


  • Edit: I also want each player to have their specific spawn point in each scene.
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