Can open source projects include prebuilt binaries & header files from Client SDKs?

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I have been working on a Flutter plugin, which wraps around Photon Client SDKs for both Android & iOS, and possibly Web (javascript) if I have the time in the future. I would like to open source and publish it on Flutter Packages, so it's possible to use Photon Client in any Flutter apps/games.

So here is the question: can I open source the plugin, which would include those prebuilt lib*-cpp-static_debug_android_*_libc++.a, lib*-cpp_debug_iphone*.a binaries and header files? I don't see a license file inside the client SDKs. I've checked the terms and a few links in the forum but haven't found anything helpful.

I personaly believe the Flutter plugin can be helpful for Photon, as it provides a new and natural way for cross-platform apps & games. There have already existed a trend for Flutter games, and the community has been growing fastly.

Hope someone can help with the question. Thanks very much!


  • Hi,

    We do not allow to OSS any of our SDKs (not source code and not binary code) as of now.
    We may allow this in the near future - but this is work in progress.

    Please drop us an email to develope[email protected] with some more details and infos about yourself.

    best, Chris
  • Hi, thanks for the reply. That's sad that we cannot include the SDK in open source projects, but I will be waiting for the good news! Luckily the plugin is far from being ready so I got the time lol...
  • @loseraitc I am working on Flutter app which need to communicate with VR unity app in realtime how can I use photon here? photon is requirement set by client.