Question about Photon Fusion

Hello Photon team,

We're really impressed by Photon Fusion! It's looking like one of the strongest options for large scale games built in Unity.

We're currently quite interested in SpatialOS because of it's networked server solution. IE several servers working in tandem to power one instance. Is this a capability that is in Photon Fusion natively? If it's not do you think it's something that could be built customly into the backend by a team? If so what sort of effort would be required?

Our goal is to get 2K+ players in a single instance. The only out of the box solution we know that is capable of that right now is SpatialOS.


  • Tobias
    Thanks for the kind words.

    While Fusion supports Host Migration, it is currently not planned to implement shared state across multiple hosts.
    Please get in touch via mail, if you're inclined to let us know a little more about your project, requirements and studio: