Photon Bootcamp Weapons

Hello Everybody!.

Ive added a new weapon to the player in the bootcamp example,
and im using SetActiveRecursively to enable/disable the weapons
in GunManager.js, its all working fine for the player but everybody else
does not see the change, they can only see the first weapon.
How would i go ahead and make the SetActiveRecursively work so
everybody can see the change?.

I would appreciate any help thanks!


  • Tobias
    Instead of syncing the SetActiveRecursively, you should concentrate on the action / keypress.
    Look up how keys (movement, jumps) are sent to the other clients and then treat the "weapon switch" key (or action) the same way.
    This will send the "switch weapon" and you have to replicate the enable/disable on the receiving side when this arrives.