Is there a solid solution to let the player lose a game if it's disconnected?

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Is there a solid solution to let the player lose a game if it's disconnected? The server is also a player, not a headless server.
My game is 1 vs 1 game, right now all other parts are almost finished, expect the mechanism for un-finished game judgement mechanism.

Because Bolt does not support disconnect and reconnect, so my goal is to make the "guilty player" who quits game to lose. Quitting game can be done through several ways: 1 kill the app on cellphone; 2 enter fly mode; 3 make the app go into background and wait for a while.

I have done many tests, right now I found that you can't tell whether if you're the "guilty player" or not. Because "Disconnected" call back in "NetworkCallbacks" and "ServerCallbacks" both on client and on server are triggered almost in all cases.

Is there a solution for this? How do other Bolt developer deal with this problem?

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    This is really specific to your game, there is no out of box solution for this.

    What we expose are those callbacks so you are notified when a client or the server disconnect and then you take your actions based on your intentions.

    As you are not running dedicated servers, you may need to let either the server or the client communicate your score service who won the match in the cases of the adversary has disconnected.

    Ramon Melo
    Photon Bolt Team

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    Thank you @ramonmelo .
    I'm designing and testing a `PingPong` mechanism between clients/server and my score server. However I don't think it's 100% solid. I still need some time to test and debug it. I'll come back to this question with more detailed information.