PhotonControl shutting down after a few seconds


I downloaded photon-server-sdk_v5-0-12-24499-rc1.
I then added my free license to the bin_Win64 folder.

When launching PhotonControl.exe, it shuts down by itself after a few seconds every time.

When trying without the license, it launches normally and shows "No license found" message.


  • Andrey
    Andrey ✭✭
    Hey Biggo,

    DId you tried using previous version of photon control (v4.x) on the same PC? Which license type you are using (100 ccu free, unmonitored. etc). Do you have another PC so you can check if it will reproduces? Asking because we didn't have such issue before. Also please contact us by email [email protected] - it would be easier to track your issue.