Missing players inside room

Hi all! I have discovered some weird bug when I join a room with 5 accounts in same IP.

First image is screenshot in the "Siiri" client, player "Siiri" was inside room before player "Bamboo" joined. The second image is screenshot in the "Bamboo" client and you can see how it misses player "Sutto", simply it is not there. I have done like 3 or 4 times and the bug seems to appear always. Remember this is all in same IP/Computer, I don't know if this happens with real players.



edit: I could receive RPC's like chat messages so the player was actually there but not the gameobject.


  • Is there any debug out in the logs?
    Exceptions could cause this easily.
    Is sutto maybe disconnected and siiri didn't clean up the avatar?
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