Strange behavior when minmizing, video attached.

I've created a player object in resources.
Player has Photon View, Photon transform view.
If i load up 2 clients side by side the movement is synced perfect.
but when one is minimised it starts crawling, or the syncing is choppy. I'm not quite sure what would be causing it.
The movement code itself is pretty simple heres a slightly trimmed down version of how it functions: This is then juts ran in the update().



  • TobiasTobias admin
    On PC, clients in background should be able to continue their work.
    You might want to check if you set "Run in Background", a Unity feature. We expose that in the PhotonServerSettings file / inspector.
  • Thank you, Though yes this is on.
    I even set it up to check constantly when running that its on and if its off turn it on :/ No luck.
  • TobiasTobias admin
    Is there any code reacting to going to background and Unity's OnApplicationPause(bool)?
    Is the Update loop running as fast as when in focus?
    Is this on Windows or Mac? Could be that MacOS limits network access for apps in the background?
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