NET 4.X and PUN 1.9x

I using PUN 1.9x and can't update to 2.0 (need to do many work for clean update)
But i want migrate to NET 4.X
Now if i use NET 4.X with PUN 1.9x i get strange errors when i get some data from photon (lib errors)

So PUN v1 don't support NET 4.x or i should change lib for support 4.x?


  • TobiasTobias admin
    We don't support .Net 4.x with PUN Classic. As in: Not at all.
    You can give it a go but if you need our help, better update.

    Sorry. 1.x is ages old and if you still work on the project, just invest the time. You did that to update Unity, too, so ...
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