Bolt Streaming breakdown when using moderate speed


I'm using Photon Bolt and I would like to stream larger amounts of data ( 150-300 MB ) to the connected clients.

It works well if I do slow streaming, e.g. 200 KB/s with
SetStreamBandwidth(1024 * 200)

If I go higher, e.g. to 400 KB/s, streaming seems to stop and I get log entries like
Send Rate: Update sent every 21 frames (Normal Rate 3 * Rate Multiplier 7)
Send Rate: Update sent every 24 frames (Normal Rate 3 * Rate Multiplier 8)
Send Rate: Update sent every 27 frames (Normal Rate 3 * Rate Multiplier 9)

Any suggestions on what is going on here and how to circumvent this?


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    It's not built with streaming in mind. If the relay fallback is used, it may even get expensive as we charge traffic overage...

    Did you get any reply anywhere else? In the Discord?
  • No, I did not get an answer on Discord.

    If relay is not used, is there a way to improve the streaming speed?

    Would the new fusion library solve this problem?
  • Hi @morrison,

    As already said, we do have the Stream feature, but Bolt is not meant to be used as a Stream tool.
    Yes, you can experience different issues if you try to send too much data as this will affect your overall network loop.

    The Stream system aims to be used as a tool for sending big files, but at a slow pace and only a few times, like map settings, maybe a texture, or things that are not able to exist on your project build.

    Fusion does not have a Stream system yet, and it would not work differently in this case too.

    Our suggestion is to use the Stream system conservatively, at a low speed, and only when necessary.

    Ramon Melo
    Photon Bolt Team