Repeated error "Failed to initialize encryption using native plugin"

Hello! I have searched and searched for a solution to this error. I am getting this error from using the plugin SDK available to download with a simple plugin that I created.

Here is the complete error that are on repeat.

at Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase.InitializeEncryption(Byte[] otherPartyPublicKey, EncryptionMethod mode) in H:\SvnContent\photon-socketserver-sdk-branches\sdk_5.0\src\Photon.SocketServer\PeerBase.cs:line 633
2021-06-07 10:09:45,974 [23] WARN Photon.SocketServer.PeerBase - Failed to initialize encryption using native plugin. Tring to use managed version. publicKeyLen:96, data=28-2F-06-84-54-2F-07-13-0E-92-31-35-B2-E2-BD-9E-C1-25-87-15-E8-78-8C-5E-07-DD-BB-DE-65-EF-D4-1F-91-E7-74-D2-A7-F8-15-C8-C2-50-05-99-22-DC-AD-F6-57-D7-A3-85-DA-E7-EC-50-64-46-24-3E-1E-2D-13-C7-92-92-1D-6A-D5-6F-7A-E5-C9-24-05-61-EE-0A-A1-2C-99-85-74-21-77-A5-6B-6C-40-13-08-21-F7-38-9E-68
System.DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL 'PhotonCryptoPlugin': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
at Photon.SocketServer.Security.NativeCryptoPlugin.egCryptorCreate()

These are repeated frequently. Sometimes every couple minutes, sometimes every half hour. Sometimes a couple times a minute.

The times that these messages are being logged are at times where there SHOULDNT be rooms open. However, are these errors showing that rooms are open when they shouldn't be? Because if I find the root of the problem of why rooms are still open then I will solve memory problems. Aren't rooms supposed to be destroyed when there are no more players in the room?

So, I do not understand where this error originates from. This error does not appear when I use the full server SDK. Any help would be amazing. Thank you in advance.


  • Which version of the Server SDK do you use?
  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think we already discussed this on the other thread.
    I believe the Plugins SDK version is v5 BETA.
    If the issue persists in Plugins SDK or Server SDK v5 RC1 we will wait next week for @chvetsov.
  • iampoole
    edited June 2021
    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the double up on threads.
    Yes I have upgraded now that the non beta is released. No more worrisome messages.