Are Photon 2 actions for playmaker Busted? or is this how Photon functions even in regular C#?

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I'm trying to understand how Photon works and the issue I'm experiencing right now is on sending an RPC to a specific actor.

When I send the RPC event from host to client player, both the host's character and the client gets a global event sent.

On the host side, the client player does not receive the event regardless of me referencing its actor number.

Are RPC's supposed to work where information is only sent to a game object with the same actor/nickname referenced across everyone else's game? Or is it sending information to the entire world of just that player with the actor number that you specified?

Playmaker has a function to Photon View RPC broadcast all, and to Photon View RPC broadcast to player. Which is where my confusion comes in leading me to read photon's documentation to understand it a bit more.

Looking forward to the knowledge thank you!


  • RPCs are bound to a target PhotonView. They run a method on that object's scripts.
    They can be sent to others, everyone (all, including local client) or a target player specifically.

    I don't know PlayMaker well enough to answer what it offers in terms of functionality and how it's named in that context. Will ask Jean to chime in. He works on the PlayMaker integration.
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    Hey @jeanfabre,

    Did you see this one?
  • Hi,

    yes, I am already in contact with him via email. it is a problem within the playmaker integration, not photon. I am on it.