Loads of AI sync

Hi everyone. I am currently working in an fps coop game. I have big troubles with syncing lots of AI agents. Currently, in order to optimize the capacity of network messaging, I have developed AI that doesn't need to sync with transform view. Instead I only sync states like when AI is chasing a player and which player it is or when it stops and starts wandering again through use of RPCs. This way I can avoid using that much transform views. Now I am developing a short of flocking behaviour which involves lots of AI. My idea is to sync the overall destination of the flock but not each individual agent. Problem is they would all need photon views and that would be problematic. Is there any way so that I could do the same but without needing 200 photon views in a flock with 200 agents?


  • TobiasTobias admin
    PUN 2 is not providing a lot of tooling for this kind of game. It's not effective at syncing 200 characters and I can't recommend trying that.
    So you'd either have to come up with a suitable approach and implement it using RaiseEvent, or you switch over to using Bolt or the upcoming Fusion.
    Making your AI deterministic is an option but again, PUN 2 is not providing the fitting base (it has no synced ticks). Quantum is another option, as it is deterministic in nature.

    Sorry, no simple solution here.
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