How to connect to photon cloud on school/work wifi?

I am trying to make a simple PUN2 web game. Everything works on my home network but at school I get a client timeout error when I try to connect to photon cloud. How could I work around this? I have tried changing the port and protocol. There are other multiplayer web games that work on the school network (kahoot, chess, etc), how do these work?


  • TobiasTobias admin
    edited May 19
    PUN 2 uses websockets and connects to host names which include "game". Also, with the Photon Cloud, the websocket connects to an "unusual" port (19090-19093).
    Any of these three factors might trigger a firewall in your school and that blocks the connection.

    Please mail us about your project, we'll check if we can help, if this is for a showcase or such.
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