Problems with PUN tutorial

Hi there, I've tried to follow along the Photon Tutorial until that step
Unfortunately when I am in a room and I click the 'Leave' Button, nothing happens, the function that is bound to the Button click doesn't even get called and I have no idea why. I have a script plus method bound to the button, I click the button and nothing happens. Any idea how I can debug that scenario?


  • Got to add, I know it totally sounds like a beginner's mistake and hardly worth to track down as the mistake can be outside pure code logic. I've studied computer science though, still I'm quite stuck here with that bug. I'd be so grateful for getting any hint on troubleshooting and being able to continue coding with Unity and PUN.
  • Resolved. EventSystem was missing.
  • Sorry about the non-reply. Bad timing for that question.
    Glad you found the culprit. Typical Unity quirk, which I also always run into...