No voice connection between some regions

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We've encountered a problem with the voice connection. I'm using DemoVoiceUI to monitor people currently present in the voice chat, and the chat works fine when people are in the one and the same region.
The problem begins when the regions are different. Some regions or region combinations simply don't work together.

People don't hear each other and the speaker prefab doesnt appear in active coonections list.
We also use PUN2 with Opsive third person controller in the same time, and all the people in the room see each other avatars, can interact with each other even if they can't hear. So the problem is with the voice connections only.

In our case :

- India doesn't hear Russia
- Russia allways hears Russia or Ukraine
- Germany hears Lebanon
- but they both doesn't hear Russia while hearing each other
- Ukraine sometimes hears Germany ( when they are alone in the chat )
- Australia doesn't hear anyone

I tried to add all the regions to the white list, tried to leave it empty, nothing seems to work.
And If I leave FixedRegion field ( in the server settings ) blank - it even stops finding rooms unless regions are the same, roomList is empty.

I would be extremelly grateful for any suggestion on what could be a reason for such behaviour.

Here's my current server settings :



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