When all cached events have been received?

I use Cached Event with AddToRoomCacheGlobal.
By checking ActorNr == 0, I check if it is a Cached Event or not.

I want to hide the loading screen after received all cached events.
And, my game is the low frequency of communication, I don't always get new active messages soon by other players.
Is there any way to know when all Cached Events have been received?


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited May 13
    Hi @kyubuns,

    Very good question :smile:

    There is no way to tell when all cached events have been sent/received.
    So there are only workarounds.
    Maybe send an event from master client to newly joined/rejoined client and use it as a way to tell if it's a live (non cached) event which are sent after ALL cached events have been sent.
    So when the client receives the first event with ActorNr != 0 hide the loading screen.
  • That looks really good.
    It's going to work. I'll try it. Thanks!

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