PhotonView objects get removed 5-10s into game... ONLY in build

This may be a common issue, but I haven't found the exact solution.

I have a game that has been working over photon really well through the editor. Multiple clients on different computers can connect and play. However, once I create a build and try to play, 5-10 s into the game, all the PhotonView client objects suddenly get destroyed. The scene remains open with other non-networked objects still working.

If I am in a room by myself, I don't notice this much. If I add networked bots (each with their own PhotonView) that's when it happens. But again, it doesn't happen when using the editor for whatever reason.

This seems similar to this:

I don't see the "Msg/s per room max" chart option, although I do see the Msg/s one. With that, looks like I have peaks around 375 msg/s. The above conversation had apparently 4,000, although, am I still over the limit? Thanks.
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