Error after install pun 2 free

InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
Photon.Pun.PhotonNetwork.LoadOrCreateSettings () (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/PhotonNetwork.cs:3129)
Photon.Pun.PhotonNetwork.get_PhotonServerSettings () (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/PhotonNetwork.cs:121)
Photon.Pun.PhotonEditor.Awake () (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/Editor/PhotonEditor.cs:287)
UnityEditor.EditorWindow:GetWindow(Boolean, String, Boolean)
Photon.Pun.PhotonEditor:MenuItemOpenWizard() (at Assets/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/Editor/PhotonEditor.cs:156)


  • Hi @xcar13,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I'm assuming this is latest PUN2?

    What Unity version is this?
    Did you import into a new empty fresh clean project or into an existing project?
    In your project did you have other Photon assets or other assets?

    Could you retry clean install by importing into a ne empty fresh project?
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